Player Clustering - Advanced Defence v Position

Defence v Position Defence vs Position (or DVP) is a common tool used throughout the Fantasy Sports Industry. The tool has varying levels of importance depending on which sport you are playing. Sports like NBA or NFL lend themselves very well to DVP as there are specific one-on-one matchups that are predictable from one game to the next and player’s roles are highly consistent.

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Defining Draftstars Player Value

What is Value? A popular way to try normalise player performance in the Fantasy Sports community is to define it in terms of a multiple of their salary. For example, if Tom Mitchell is priced at $15,000 and scores 105 fantasy points then he’s deemed to have returned 7.00x his salary, e.g. (105 / 15,000) * 1000 = 7.00x. This common strategy gives coaches the ability to compare players across a range of salaries and make a decision on who they think is the best value play for their lineup.

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